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A set of gaming machines set up within a hotel with flashing lights.

The Client

Progressive Venue Services (PVS) Australia is a gaming company which provides support services to hotel venues.

The Problem

After sitting on an opportunity to expand their services for several years, PVS Australia first turned to a national telco provider. Unfortunately, this partnership faced several complicated last-minute challenges.

Because of this, PVS Australia switched to OpusV to build a scalable cloud-based infrastructure to support this expansion. However, because of the first run with the telco company, the gaming company was keen to do this on a tighter time frame and optimised budget.

Several venues are also located across three states in regional and suburban areas, so network connection strength differs from venue to venue.

The industry is also governed by numerous complex regulations so all solutions needed to meet these requirements and stay audit-ready.

The Solution

Leveraging our own data centre infrastructure, OpusV’s experts were able to devise a ‘flying redundancy’ solution to meet the deadline, allowing the site to stay live as national network providers dropped out from time to time. 

Our in-house developed and tested multi-WAN redundancy router also meant PVS Australia could take advantage of cheap and available DSL type solutions for ethernet-like availability to even PVS’ most remote sites.  

OpusV also maintains facilities at National Tier-3 data centres to provide uninterrupted service and a range of connectivity options. Integrating PVS Australia’s inherited equipment also ensured less hardware and budget wastage. 

A Partner Portal service was also tailored to the gaming company’s end customer, allowing PVS Australia to go to market commerce sites while meeting their needs. Thanks to this service, PVS Australia was able to engage new leads via tailor made channels, while delivering a great customer experience for existing clients, and an easy to management online portal for internal use.

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