What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the work of ensuring your business and staff are able to continue operations even in the event of an emergency or disaster. Whilst technology is not the only consideration in BCP, it should be a key consideration.

By enabling strong technology-specific Business Continuity, not only can you reduce exposure to risks and threats, you’ll also strengthen operations and teams to continue running during challenging events such as unexpected building damage, loss of premise, or equipment failure.

Inside Tips

  • Identify a list of core administrative and operational tasks required to keep primary business functions running.
  • Develop an exhaustive Risk Register and ensure appropriate Risk Analysis and Mitigation measures are implemented to reduce the likelihood and severity of adverse events.
  • Consider proactive maintenance or duplication of critical technologies to safeguard against failure.
  • Ensure management contact details are clearly labelled and accessible to relevant staff.
  • Simulate or rehearse events to ensure staff know their responsibilities and how to perform critical processes.
  • Regularly create secure backups of data and organisation sites.
  • Understand threats can evolve over time as technology improves so constant improvement is key.

Benefits from doing this well

  • Reduce likelihood of an emergency occurring.
  • Minimise potential impacts an emergency can have.
  • Increase brand reputation by delivering a professional response to an adverse event.
  • Increase confidence and trust in your ability to navigate difficult situations and improve relationships with staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Stay ahead of legal and statutory obligations.
  • Minimise damages from destruction of important data, equipment or software.
  • Improve staff preparedness, safety and security.
  • Minimise shock expenses.
  • Gain a competitive edge by ensuring service delivery when others can't.

Our Approach

OpusV understands that adverse events hit all organisations. Our Business Continuity technologies seek to minimise both the likelihood and severity of any event.

To tailor these technologies to your business, we take time to understand your current technology as well as the core activities unique to your organisation.

We can then guide you through various options and implications possible within your budget.

Our plans draw on specialist knowledge across a broad array of IT skills to ensure we have the strongest possible plan in place.

Once in place, we can provide ongoing checks, simulations and reviews to ensure your BCP continues to evolve with the latest technologies and threats.