What is Analysis?

Effective analysis in IT involves being able to generate insights into human, business or technology activities. The quality of any analysis performed can have a direct effect on project or management decisions made. In its simplest form, good analysis is based on an appropriate quantity and quality of information, from which relevant insights are generated. Analysis is a foundational ingredient in almost all IT work. Whether in technology design, support or security, poor analysis often leads to poor results.

Inside Tips

  • Be transparent; where possible provide analysts wide access to systems and personnel to yield stronger insights.
  • Set analysts a specific scope for their work to best focus their efforts. Be open to this expanding as new information comes to light.
  • Make sure to check analysts assumptions and rely on multiple data points to make sound decisions.
  • Understand that people are central to most technologies — make sure human factors don't get overlooked by more technically minded engineers.

Benefits from doing this well

  • Better knowledge of internal processes.
  • Improved engagement with various stakeholders.
  • A solid and accurate foundation for any improvements.
  • More reliable solutions.
  • Gain key insight into areas that can be improved in the short and long-term leading to better decisions
  • Gain a comprehensive map of your business for planning.

Our Approach

At OpusV, we ensure our best analysts, engineers and architects are assigned to the analysis phase of any project. We do this to lay a strong foundation for all future discussions.

Our approach is to be thorough, focused and efficient.

Our analysis can be used to provide you better insights, explore possible solutions, reduce your risk profile, or provide strong advice.