What is good innovation?

Innovation lays the groundwork for better processes, products and ideas. Even small teams can find a competitive edge against corporate goliaths if they innovate and create for themselves new opportunities.

By exploring new and existing technologies, businesses can slash overheads, create new products, offer better services, increase profit margins or solve previously complex problems. Ultimately, these new tools pioneer pathways to new customers, greater profitability and improved customer and supplier satisfaction.

Inside Tips

  • Decentralise and democratise idea generation by engaging every department and employee.
  • Combine smart people from different areas to generate new knowledge.
  • Offer incentives and competitions to promote innovative outcomes. Ensure to incentivise outcomes not just idea generation.
  • Budget for the additional unexpected costs that come with doing anything for the first time.
  • Where possible, pilot new ideas and validate solutions before investing greater capital expenditure.
  • Find good partners to innovate with and around.

Benefits from doing this well

  • Improve organisational efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase profitability and turnover.
  • Find or maintain a competitive edge.
  • Add value to your brand.
  • Create new partnerships and networks.
  • Access new customers.
  • Create new products.

Our Approach

Innovation is at the heart of OpusV’s culture. We set aside a dedicated amount of time and money annually to innovate new systems, and softwares ourselves. Not only does this allow us to continue offering better solutions than our competitors, but it fosters the culture and skillsets required for consistent successful innovation.

Whilst some clients come to us with an innovative idea to explore or implement, many trust us with a blank slate and the opportunity to review their business and highlight possible innovations.

The approach we take varies by context, however we're proud of our track record of harnessing IT to help businesses increase efficiency, generate more profit and reduce their risk exposure.