What is good management?

Technology projects often involve a complex network of interlocking hardware, software and human factors. A change to one aspect can create a ripple effect across the whole project. Because of this, estimating implications such as costs or timeframes become a complicated endeavour making it common for IT projects to experience blowouts.

Skilled management, which blends good technical and people skills, can resolve most of these issues quickly whilst minimising impacts on project timelines and improving project outcomes.

Skilled managers understand the technology and human resource aspects for diverse areas such as Stakeholders, Requirements, Scope, Cost, Schedules, Quality, Communications and Risk.

Unfortunately, organisations often lack the skills to manage IT projects internally. When an organisations management doesn’t have the technical skills to understand the work they oversee, they can find it difficult to make decisions about a projects ongoing support or funding.

Because IT represents one of the largest investments most business make, ensuring these projects are managed well is crucial to not just the success of each project, but the health and growth of the business itself.

Inside Tips

  • Consider your organisational competency and capacity to determine whether you would benefit from outsourcing management components to a third-party.
  • Coordinate implicit and explicit incentives to nurture desired behaviour and culture.
  • Ensure at any point your project can be handed over to a new manager as smoothly as possible.
  • Balance the importance for administrative tasks with the need for operational outputs. Neither get bogged down in admin or abandon appropriate structure.
  • Create and follow structures that require accountability around how a project is managed.

Benefits from doing this well

  • Achieve higher quality outcomes and deliverables.
  • Maximise budgets.
  • Experience happier stakeholders.
  • Reduce risk and improved responses as incidents arise.
  • Better adherence to projected timeframes.
  • Strengthened communication.
  • Benefit from project goals being clearly understood and exceeded.

Our Approach

At OpusV we pride ourselves on being skilled technical practitioners and skilled managers. Well versed across many sectors we offer particular value in industries such as:

  • Capital equity.
  • Automotive and electrical.
  • Food manufacturing.
  • Food and beverage.
  • Hospitality.
  • Not-for-profit sectors.
  • Property management.
  • Property investment.

We are available to support boards with reviews or audits of existing third-party work. Or help manage complex projects on their behalf.

We seek to manage in a way that is both robust and lightweight.