What is good support?

Unfortunately few IT technologies are perfect and most come with flaws requiring ongoing maintenance and support. Without effective support, system imperfections can result in minor inconveniences through to entire system-wide outages. How robust an organisations support systems should be will depend on their needs, resources and risk appetite. What may be considered strong support for one business could be deemed inappropriate and weak for another.

Universally, support can be proactive, such as maintaining and improving systems, or reactive, addressing an issue after it occurs. A blend of both proactive and reactive support systems are essential to keeping a business secure, day-to-day operations running seamlessly, and core capabilities competitive in any market.

To find support, businesses can house their own dedicated IT department internally, or outsource to third-party specialists externally. The most cost-effective solutions are usually a blend of the two.

Inside Tips

  • Consider your businesses risk profile as a guide to tailor internal-external support roles, preferences and configurations.
  • Choose your support provider well and understand these relationships become more efficient with time. The more history support teams have with your system and organisation, the less discovery work will be required.
  • Factor support into the total cost of choosing IT systems.
  • Find a company that has skilled people on the other end of their helplines. This will ensure that any issue raised can be fixed efficiently.
  • Minimise major emergencies by investing in systems that have regular automated updates and maintenance.

Benefits from doing this well

  • Experience less downtime thanks to proactive support and maintenance.
  • Reduce downtime with 24/7 support available regardless of time or time zone.
  • Help identify issues and fixes quickly by utilising constant performance monitoring and reporting systems.
  • Free up staff to focus on more valuable tasks by increasing automation.
  • Utilise Fast Track support options to give you access to priority treatment in case of emergencies.

Our Approach

At OpusV, we enjoy supporting businesses to get the most from their IT investments and take the hassle out of unexpected IT complications that often arise.

Our regular proactive maintenance plans provide software updates, address bugs and issues, and protect your systems against the latest threats. Proactive maintenance also allows us to ensure your departments are fitted with the latest features and functionality so their time is more strategically spent.

We proactively install a number of tools that keep your system running, highlight problems before they occur, and increase information and options for when there is a problem.

To respond quickly to emergencies, our uptime service plans keep businesses online when it counts.

All our support technicians are Australian based to help guarantee quality fast results. Our support goal is to keep your business focused on its core work rather than any IT issues that may arise.