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The Client

Behind premium automotive lighting brands such as Narva and Projecta, parent company Brown & Watson International (BWI) has been meticulous in managing its development, manufacturing, and logistics.

Its decade-long relationship with OpusV has ensured nuanced solutions designed with its history, resources, goals and needs in mind.

The Problem

With four decades of growth in a turbulent industry, BWI had a myriad of historical issues born out of its age. Because of this, its existing systems were poorly integrated and falling behind industry benchmarks.

As the need to connect a new warehouse to an existing site emerged, BWI partnered with OpusV to manage the unification of their systems. As the business continued to grow, it needed a solution that could continue to grow and have new integrations added on.

With a head office based out of the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, known for its patchy network connectivity, BWI also required its systems to be more reliably available throughout the day.

The Solution

Understanding the needs of BWI as it achieves its goals, OpusV took care to grow the automotive company’s network to allow for ongoing updates to the business systems and introduction to new ERP applications. The added flexibility and availability offered padded support to warehouse logistics across a geographically dispersed workforce.

Our experts also reached out to several network providers to initiate and complete network builds, replacing the existing, and redundant, WAN connection with a smart network layer to protect against network failure.

Modernising these systems aligned BWI’s business processes with key industry best practices. OpusV also upgraded the outdated SCO Unix system by providing lifecycle management and creating an offsite cloud-based replica as a safety. Thanks to this failsafe, BWI could then migrate over to a modernised Pronto system, which OpusV configured to become even more appropriate for BWI’s wireless protection and connectivity needs.

Using this highly available WAN design, BWI could then move to a more sophisticated hybrid infrastructure solution that offered more freedom to integrate offsite data centres and hyperscale clouds, and other system improvements.

Thanks to an up-to-date security and audit process, BWI is now able to meet regulatory burdens with ease.

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