Cybersecurity and AI; Defending ourselves with, and from, a weapon of our own making.

How will cybersecurity be impacted by the evolution of AI

The journey of GPT’s (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) models advancing in such a short period of time, has given rise to plausible sounding “conversations” that has led to excitement, furore and even controversy. The latest GPT model (Version 3.5) and the chat style interface, released in OpenAI’s ChatGPT has everyone talking about AI and wildly theorising, or outright predicting the rise and fall of AI influenced human civilisation.

Your security Is worse than you think It Is

It's better to be safe than sorry...

Security is not a tick the box, turn the key, and leave it running approach. It’s a broad-based approach to everything, where the day to day of access, control and management need to subtly or drastically change. Don’t throw security onto the pile, hoping the staff pick up what is necessary to be done.

IXID, Education & Security

The current need for evolution puts businesses and services at risk. This is where IXID thrives.

OpusV’s IXID implements current security standards (Username, Password and MFA) to gain access to key OT environments in a secure and auditable way, but most importantly, it makes the management of all of this native to even a non-IT trained person, from SCADA Engineers or Project Managers, they are able to induct and control staff and contractor access after just one simple training session.

Security Actually Matters

Education is just as important as security itself.

At OpusV, we believe that anything in the IT space should add tangible value to the business of a client, this means that we avoid recommending or selling “solutions” that are advertised as “turnkey ready” which are more often that not, driven by resellers trying to put an expensive piece of hardware at the client’s site.

Australia needs Cyber Security and we need it now.

Medibank leaves the door wide open.

We close off Cyber Security Awareness month with another very large company having millions of their customers personal data stolen.

Identity & IXID - Cyber Security Awareness Month

Security and Identity go hand in hand.

During Cyber Security Awareness Month, the whole concept of dealing with Security can appear to be a very high and very wide cliff face, with no seemingly obvious path to the top.

Cyber Security Awareness Month got some Free Advertising this year, in the Worst Possible Way

Sometimes life gives you happy coincidences, and sometimes less happy ones.

These past few weeks have seen a spate of data breaches, and “hacks” (Think the Optus or G4S data breach) where a large proportion of our population has suddenly had a personal encounter with only “threat actors” interacting with their otherwise Instagram or TikTok online life.

Business Continuity Is More Than Backups

How does extended downtime affect your business?

Recently several high profile Australian companies have suffered from significant cyberattacks resulting in weeks of downtime, which is why its important to realize that Business Continuity is very much more than just having backups.

Security Is Hard, Until It Isn’t

Don't be caught unprepared in the event of a cyber attack

It is an oft eye-rolled truism that security is directly in opposition to usability. In this world of information being available everywhere, and computing capacities beyond comprehension at our fingertips, we have seen access and utilization of technology exponentially increase. Unfortunately, this has seen the security aspects of our data, our business data and our communities data not progress accordingly.

HAFNIUM and Our Approach to Security

Protecting our clients and preparing for the future

With the now dubbed "HAFNIUM" attacks around the world targeting the largest business collaboration platform in the market, Microsoft's Exchange Server, the mainstream press has started covering something that actually occurs in every IT persons life on a monthly basis.