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We have deep expertise in a long list of crucial IT knowledge domains allowing us to provide comprehensive and wholistic support to any IT opportunity or challenge.

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Power Plants

The Australian energy sector is going through a transition and OpusV is at the heart of it. Leveraging our two decades of experience with industrial control networks, along with our background in cybersecurity, OpusV is able to provide innovative technologies to help power plants be more efficient, reliable, profitable, and meet upcoming government security compliance requirements.

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OpusV has been a valued partner on a number of important projects for us over the last 5 years. Whether we are solving problems for large multinational companies, complex government bodies or small backyard businesses OpusV have consistently demonstrated their expertise and reliability.

Josh Stuchbery
Managing Director
Lantern Corporation

Being the best

We believe technology done well cultivates growth whilst also reduces risk. This sounds nice, but how do we ensure this is an outcome not just an ideal? We do this by focusing on being the best at three things:


Finding or creating the best solutions


Tailoring those solutions to you


Being great to work with through the entire process


We provide a range of solutions to suit any project or budget by combining our broad expertise.

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