Industrial Control Systems Identity

What is IXID?

IXID handles federated authentication and authorization across multiple sites, IXID replicates changes from the cloud to each site meaning internet outages don't disrupt operations for onsite engineers.

IXID provides the authentication layer at every stage of your engineers workflow from:

  1. Connecting to the VPN
  2. Configuring the software and hardware either onsite or the cloud

Security, Scalability and Audit compliance are the core of IXID.

The login page for IXID an identity management software created by OpusV


By having a central source for a users password, you create an account for a user once. Providing them access to equipment involves logging into the site specific Keycloak and assigning them the Group or Role.

Additionally if a users account is compromised and their password is stolen, they reset it once and all sites are immediately updated. The old credential will no longer work in any hardware or software.

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Our product aims to handle all authentication, from when the user logs on to the VPN to when they login to a device on site we log every authentication attempt for auditing.

Additionally we log when a user is added or removed from a group/role - effectively we can use this to audit the admin actions for what users they give access to what services.

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Complete Operation

The design of IXID means that each site is fully independent of cloud infrastructure for operation. Each site is fully equipped with an onsite replica of the IdP, allowing for local operation in case of any outages.

An engineer that is physically on site can continue to operate the plant.

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