Victor Brown

Technical Consultant & Network Engineer


Design, implementation and support of OSPF, VRRP, STP, DNS, DHCP, GRE, IPSEC, DMVPN and EIGRP / network design and implementation in Cisco / Wireless networking / Troubleshooting / VMware / Documentation / Windows / Office 365 / Linux servers



Victor started at OpusV in 2012 undertaking work placement as an RMIT student which soon led to a Level 1 Helpdesk position in frontline support answering phones and tending to client troubleshooting enquires. Having this experience Victor was soon attending client sites to perform installs and general upgrades which led to a contracted full-time onsite Helpdesk position at a multi-state 100+ staff solar company under contract with OpusV.

With experience in both the ever-changing managed services environment to the ever relied on single contact company Helpdesk role, Victor was presented with the opportunity to work alongside the head senior engineer at OpusV to rapidly expend a telecommunications subsidiary company of OpusV to provide internet to 400+ customers in the Melbourne area via wireless and fiber to the building distributed networks in the role of head network implementations engineer at the company.
Most recently this experience has been brought to OpusV to provide clients with solutions in there ever expending network and datacenter environments to build reliable and fully redundant network solutions while also providing general consulting in the Windows Server, VMware and Office 365 space.