Zoe Paynter

Sales and Marketing


Magento / SAP / Customer Service / Time Management / Content Management / Adobe Photoshop / Clip Studio Paint / Social Media Monitoring



Zoe grew up in a small country town in rural Victoria but after finishing school moved to Sydney, where she resided for the following 10 years. After joining OpusV at the beginning of 2021 she has since relocated back to her home state of Victoria.

Before joining OpusV, Zoe spent 6 years working in Pharmacy where she grew a strong skill set in customer service and attention to detail, needing a change she then moved onto an ecommerce role with Harvey Norman. Zoe stayed in the role of Product Co-Ordinator for over two years, in that time working on expanding the newly formed Dropship category online and multiple product launches for household name brands, it is here she gained an interest in marketing.

Using the skills she has learned across her diverse career, Zoe is able to look at things with a unique perspective, often able to point out the not so obvious issues when reviewing work. Always motivated to see a project through to the end as it is satisfying to reflect on the journey and being proud of the final result.

Outside of work, a majority of Zoe's hobbies land in the creative field, enjoying things such as digital drawing, graphic design and playing music (both piano and guitar). Fitness and exercise are also interests of hers, training at the gym 5 days a week, and taking regular hiking trips with friends.