What is ERP & CRM?

For businesses of all sizes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming a must. These softwares are able to compile all the data your teams use on a daily basis including finances, compliance, supply chains, project management, resource allocations and leads.

Whilst ERP solutions ensure internal systems are efficient and smooth, CRM solutions ensure customer experiences remain strong. When done well, these systems ensure every team member is on the same page throughout the entire lifecycle of a client’s sale or project, and help the business operationally and administratively in the process.

These systems should ideally be quick to use and reliable. They should prevent data duplication, automatically flag important anomalies, make the capturing and sharing of information faster, and give managers accurate live insights to help them make better decisions.

Inside Tips

  • Invest time to analyse your business and its processes before designing or implementing a solution.
  • Engage a wide group of users throughout the entire process, especially in the analysis, design and testing phases.
  • As you explore different solutions, consider if it's better to have one cohesive united system or a larger collection of connected tailored tools. Will the number of integrations be likely to create flexibility and opportunities for your business? Or risks and limitations?
  • Don't get distracted by all the 'bells and whistles'. Prioritise core functions needed to generate maximum value in the short term and build the solution so it can easily scale to add features over time.
  • Overhauling ERP or CRM solutions can be time-consuming and expensive. Consider how Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) processes can provide access to new features and functionality over time without the need for larger once-off expenditure and disruption.

Benefits from doing this well

  • Strong ERP and CRM solutions increase efficiency, client satisfaction, security, reporting and profits at the same time.
  • Receive real-time visibility of both company-wide and department specific metrics customised to your business.
  • Better forecast potential issues and needs; predictive algorithms can anticipate customer desires or automatically deliver resources to your staff just-in-time.
  • Minimise administrative frustrations and free staff resource for more strategic operational activities.
  • Close more deals faster and increase the likelihood for stronger longer-lasting customer relationships.
  • Create more efficient and effective collaboration between teams. Especially across multiple locations.
  • Consolidate accounting data, minimising risk.
  • Optimise supply chain operations.
  • Improve accountability and traceability including fortified security and automated, real-time risk management.

Our Approach

As experts across the board, we help to ensure you always have the tools to manage your business well, whether that’s sales and support, or finance and accounting, or any other departments. 

With a strong awareness of the many large and small ERP and CRM systems, we pride ourselves on advising the best solutions. With more than just ERP and CRM capabilities in-house, we are even able to create custom software to help your business find that cutting edge.

We understand strong ERP and CRM work requires a unique blend of technology and people skills. Because these systems effect so many parts of a business, we follow a highly collaborative approach driven by strong stakeholder engagement. This not only allows us to create stronger solutions, it means solutions implemented are more likely to experience greater staff acceptance, and adoption.

With this approach, we are able to implement solutions that integrate well and run smoothly. Together with our ongoing support, maintenance and continuous improvements, you can rest secure in the reliability of our smooth implementations and long-term solutions.