OA Dashboard

Observational Awareness


What is the OA Dashboard?

The Observational Awareness platform allows for all real-time metrics to be monitored across the entirety of the infrastructure. It displays the status of specific metrics across all devices, such as disk space, network usage, CPU usage, memory usage, etc. The Observational Awareness platform.

  1. Give an overview into the status of the individual virtual machines running
  2. Give detailed information into the performance of the switches, routers and their respective network traffic
  3. Can utilise alarms configured to alert on specific thresholds of concern

Uptime and security are the core focus of the Observational Awareness platform.



By setting up alarms against individual metrics, engineers can be alerted the instant that certain thresholds have been met.

Being on top of any potential system failures inside the infrastructure is critical to minimising downtime. Having alarms configured also allows for exact timelines on when events occur.


Network Monitoring

The platform allows a deeper look into how much traffic is transiting between the devices in the network.

Having insight into the jitter and flow helps make informed decisions into the possibility of damage on the physical links between the devices, or in the worst case scenario in the events of being compromised.



By having an overview on all of the metrics across the infrastructure means that an engineer will be able to determine what normal operations look like. Having this set of data allows for the ability to identify and report on any anomalous activity that deviates from the norm.

When coupled with the SIEM it allows for a complete deep dive into identifying exactly how and why the infrastructure is experiencing anomalous activity.

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