Inside Tips

  • Don’t skimp on internet services; cloud architecture means everything is online, so a secure and reliable connection becomes increasingly critical.
  • Migrating to a new provider can be trickier than you expect; keep a close eye on integrated services when choosing cloud accounting or CRM systems.
  • Focus your IT resources strategically on essential services that will grow your business in its niche. Cosmetic services such as email are only worth hosting if it’s a tangible requirement for your business.
  • Consider that whilst Cloud Architecture provides a number of strengths. It comes with a number of weaknesses. Consider if a hybrid model would suit your business best.

Benefits of Doing Cloud Architecture Well

  • Flexibility to grow your business and smooth your cashflow without needing to invest significant capital expenditure into physical infrastructure.
  • Reduced ongoing costs from not needing to maintain or insure physical infrastructure.
  • Experience consistently high performance that scales rapidly and isn't constrained by physical logistics.
  • Maintain stronger security and availability at a lower cost.
  • Higher bandwidth, allowing users to benefit from uninterrupted access to data and applications even when working remotely.
  • The option of flexible work arrangements, thanks to a lower dependence on a single location.
  • The potential for on-demand agile networks so you can move faster and more efficiently.

OpusV's Approach

OpusV has specialised in both complex and simple Cloud Architecture solutions for over a decade.

Our experience in helping small early-stage startups scale into large publicly listed behemoths means you can rely on time-tested know-how regardless of your size.

Rather than chasing the latest trends and features often associated with Cloud Architecture, we pride ourselves on reliable advice that maximises the technology whilst also balances its limitations.

We understand that effective analysis of Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. Hybrid solutions include careful balancing of both technical and financial impacts.

Our experience in helping small early-stage startups scale into large publicly listed behemoths means you can rely on our time-tested know-how regardless of your size.

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