OpusV's Approach

Our approach to cybersecurity revolves around three core principles.

Defensible Security Architecture: We design networks to minimise the "attack surface" which is exposed to external actors, and include advanced incident detection capabilities. This first line of defense slows and reduces the impact of any potential breach while accelerating the timeline of our response.

Identity and Access Management: Providing advanced Identity and Access Management solutions and practices such as IXID is essential to ensure our clients are protected from social engineering attacks and credential theft.

Threat and Vulnerability Management: OpusV monitors our clients' networks to detect unwanted or hostile activity, based on an ever-evolving tailored roster of threats and vulnerabilities. Having the time and information needed for timely identification of emerging threats allows for efficient preparation instead of expensive response.

Benefits of Doing Cybersecurity Well

  • Increased trust from your clients and auditors, especially in industries that store sensitive information.
  • Protection against both malicious and accidental breaches.
  • A more resilient organisation able to weather a variety of events.
  • Reduced risk of legal issues, data loss, or unexpected costs.
  • More reliable staff better educated on personal and professional security practices.
  • Optimised systems, which run faster and more reliably.

Inside Tips

  • Ensure your data is secure whether your data is static or in transit.
  • Utilise invisible and automated processes; this minimises the need for staff and allows them to work more productively and efficiently.
  • Ensure staff are educated on security practices and why they’re important.
  • Keep staff alert of common attacks with regular checks such as monthly phishing scam tests; this both protects your organisation from potentially costly attacks and provides data on system vulnerabilities.
  • Engage third parties to find security gaps; fresh eyes can often identify easily overlooked issues.

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