Inside Tips

  • Be picky about the advisors you trust but when you find one don't be afraid to invest in the relationship. The longer the relationship the better the advice.
  • Communication goes both ways; communicate your goals and resources to your advisor plainly and clearly.
  • Often the more access, information and autonomy you give a skilled advisor the better advice you receive.
  • Understand that everyone has their own biases. Don't be afraid to calibrate against advice.
  • Fact-check and validate advice where appropriate.

Benefits of Consulting Done Well

  • A better understanding of your options available  and their implications.
  • Become empowered to make better decisions with greater confidence.
  • Increased insights and knowledge.
  • A better handle of how to maximise budgets and other resources.
  • Access insights from outside your business or industry.

OpusV's Approach

At OpusV, we take a collaborative approach to the advice we provide. Our expertise gives us strong insights into a range of areas, but we understand will never know a clients business as well as they do. We therefore believe in an evolving conversational model of advice.

We keep business outcomes first and foremost by taking a 'whole-of-business' approach. Our goal is to help a business succeed not just a project. This also means not just advising on solutions, but how those solutions can be effectively implemented, managed and maintained.

Whether you’d like a public report to support a decision to stakeholders, or a private consultation behind closed doors, we’re here to make you comfortable and confident in your next steps forward.

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